Spanish Mediterranean Villa Puerto Plata

A crown villa is the Spanish Mediterranean villa with elegant exteriors with tropical plants around. Well accommodate 3 bedroom luxury Villa in Dominican Republic, with swimming pool, shaded terrace, veranda, kitchen and full baths. Air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable television and elevators in some unit makes the stay more comfortable. You can enjoy various activities as tennis, on property shuttle services, jogging, games, music, Spanish lessons, beach and pool volleyball, aqua aerobics, dance lessons and also kid’s entertainment programs. Within the walking distance you can have delicious food at the restaurants, bars, basketball courts, shopping areas, merchandise store and more. There are kid’s activities that are planned regularly for the children age group 4-12 years old. There is a mini disco, teen’s club, playground for kids. It’s a property for all to relax and have fun whether kids, teens, adults or grandparents, VIP Puerto Plata Villa. It is the property where you can relax while enjoying amazing ambiance. Every Sunday there is a party hosted by the resort to welcome its guests. It is one of the best parties on the island with drinks, dances, entertainment. 

Being on Atlantic Ocean under the sky in the night is just astonishing moment. The climate is marine climate, whether is mostly mild and pleasant throughout the year. The place has a great energy, with exotic sight and surreal sounds throughout the city. Take an adventure and swim, scuba, snorkel with marine life including butterfly fish, turtles, starfish, puffers, angelfish and many more.   Caribbean is one of the jewels. It offers lot of historical sites as well as great food and nightlife also. No one deserves the vacation than you do!! So come and be part of Caribbean and you will surely fall in love with this paradise on earth. Read more 

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